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  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on January 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    ban tobogganing – it’s too DANGEROUS 

    Reposted by Rick McCharles from GymnasticsCoaching.com

    My home town Calgary is not quite as stupid as, for example, Hamilton. :-)

    But we’re pretty stupid. Socialist nations like Canada have governments with enough spare time to invent city bylaws like: “those who slide outside the city’s 18 approved hills could face a $100 fine”.

    Calgary’s media has made much ado about the city’s tobogganing rules in recent weeks — to the point where Mayor Naheed Nenshi blamed “bored journalists” trying to stir up controversy.

    Now Rick Mercer has taken it upon himself to poke a bit of fun at (the) bylaw ..

    (For the record, the city does not recall ever giving out a tobogganing fine. Ever.)


    Click PLAY or watch comedian Rick Mercer on YouTube.

    Certainly no Calgarian I know pays any attention to tobogganing restrictions. We slide wherever we want. But with one eye out in case a Toboggan Cop shows up. :-)

    related – Tobogganing Bans Or Restrictions Growing Across North America

    Over protective restrictions on youth activity contribute to child obesity. We want kids tobogganing more, not less.

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on January 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Beth Tweddle on children’s fitness 

    Starting out at the age of seven, Beth went on to become an Olympic Bronze Medalist, triple World Champion, six-time European Champion, Commonwealth Champion and seven-times consecutive National Champion, cementing her place as Britain’s greatest ever-female gymnast.

    Although memories of Beth taking the Bronze in the Uneven Bars at London 2012 – the culmination of an incredible career – will not be forgotten anytime soon, sharing a fierce passion for gymnastics with future generations has become her new focus.

    So how can parents encourage their kids to exercise?

    By making it fun for the child and getting involved themselves. If they feel involved and interested, I think they are more likely to encourage their children to keep going with it or try something new. …

    What’s more important for kids starting out in sport, fun or desire?

    I think it has to be fun! Without the fun element they are less likely to continue

    Olympic medallist Beth Tweddle on getting kids active and ‘her’ sport

    Click through to learn more about this fitness watch called the LeapBand.

    Beth LeapBand

    related – National Team member Dan Keatings is visiting U.K. schools to promote fitness, sport and healthy living.

    (via FIG)

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on January 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Bringing the Playground Indoors 

    playgroundSome good ideas from Tumbl Talk. :-)

    A winter indoors tends to limit children’s gross motor play, which is SO very crucial to their overall development. Here are some creative and budget-friendly ways to bring the playground indoors this winter season. …

    Bringing the Playground Indoors this Winter Season

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on January 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    what is physical literacy? 


    Physical literacy is what kids have when they acquire the essential motor competencies and movement skills to do lots of different sports and physical activities. Kids aren’t just born with it. They develop it over time just like reading and writing. And with competency comes the confidence to move more. …

    To develop physical literacy, our kids need lots of opportunities to play active games and learn movement skills. They need regular unstructured play when they are small, and they need increasingly structured activities as they get older …

    It doesn’t matter whether or not our kids choose to chase an Olympic dream. That’s a decision for them to make. But we should be delighted if they grow comfortable enough in their bodies to stay active, happy, and healthy throughout their lives. …

    The one crucial thing missing from your kid’s education: physical literacy

    physical literacy

    (via @GymnasticsBC)

  • Rick Mc 1:34 pm on December 12, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Brooklyn welds playground equipment 

    Another example of insane “nanny state” thinking, disallowing kids to play because there is a chance of cuts and bruising. :-(

    The city is putting the brakes on spinning playground equipment following reports of injuries, a Parks Department spokeswoman said.

    Rotating metal saucers that kids ride at two Park Slope playgrounds were recently welded into place so they can’t move, and the city has made similar modifications or removed a total of seven disks citywide “in the interest of public safety …

    “I think it sucks,” said dad David Friedlander, whose 2-year-old was disappointed to find the the spinning disk at Vanderbilt Playground in Prospect Park suddenly stuck in place in late November. “I think it’s a sad commentary on how litigious and afraid we’ve become of having our children get a few boo-boos.”

    spinning disk

    Parks Dept. Puts a Stop to Spinning Playground Equipment After Injuries

    (via Boing Boing)

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on September 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    You don’t HAVE to be a gymnast … 

    Repost from June 2013.

    … to enjoy our Gym. :)

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    Nice work IEGA.

    related – IEGA Lauren Commercial

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on July 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    asking a toddler not to run, jump or climb … 

    Post by Janet Lansbury – Elevating Child Care.


  • Rick Mc 3:00 pm on April 25, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    To the parents at my daughter’s gymnastics class: Why are you there? 

    Kim Z Dale:

    Why are you there?

    Our kids are three. Three! That means we have graduated from parent and tot gymnastics to drop off gymnastics. Drop off gymnastics class, a.k.a. you are expected to drop off your kid and go until class ends.


    read more …

  • Rick Mc 1:47 am on April 4, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    authentic and believable praise 


    Coach Carrie Spender Lennox finds herself in … the parent viewing gallery:

    From the balcony, parents don’t always hear a coach’s words, or recognize the exact benefit of drills that highlight our kids flopping around the floor.  What is always clear is the expressions of enthusiasm and joy on coaches and kids faces when giving praise for a job well done.

    gymnast-and-coachParents know the power of praise and how challenging it is to be consistent, and purposeful with praising kids.  Here’s some great reminders from Dale Carnegie, an American writer and lecturer …

    • Make eye contact with the person you are praising
    • Use their name
    • Make sure you sound like you really mean it. When you sound enthusiastic you will always be far more convincing
    • Let them have the praise as soon as possible – why wait to give positive feedback. If it is important to you then you will make it a priority
    • Show that you know what makes the person tick when you decide where and how you give the praise – some people prefer praise in private others will be delighted by more public praise such as in a team meeting
    • Praise and positive feedback is not just about motivation – it is also encourages repeat behavior. If you want someone to do the same good work again – or develop it further then make sure you let them know:
    • Let them know why you valued their concentration and hard work; ‘I know that you had to put of extra time and effort into this progression and the extra effort really showed in the final result.
    • Nagging does not work
    • Try to give each athlete a word of appreciation, its not hard to find something you appreciate about people you care about.

    read more on the Tumbl Trak email newsletter –

    A Few Choice Words…



  • Rick Mc 2:19 am on February 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    Rell’s Handstand Game 

    Carrie Spender Lennox:

    In my house, my kids know the rule that we don’t throw balls in the house. But, handstands, cartwheels and bar routines are A-OK!!!!

    My couches have been pushed aside in order to make room for the Brianna Beam and Junior Kip Bar – and, since we live in the rainy Pacific Northwest, these products are a savior for keeping my kids active!

    My girls, Rell and Quinn, are recreational gymnasts at Twisters Gymnastics in Port Hadlock, WA. Having some equipment at home allows them to play with such creativity, outside the structure of a class. During this past holiday break, I heard the familiar, “Mommy, watch this!!” and found Rell upside-down against her Handstand Homework Mat playing a tossing game with her stuffed animals and my pots and pans. …

    Don’t Throw Balls in the House ;-)

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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