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  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on November 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    why parents take kids to Gymnastics 

  • Rick Mc 9:37 am on September 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    why kids need learn a shoulder roll 

    via Outside Magazine

    shoulder roll

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on September 6, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    drop off your kid at the Gym 

    Arizona Sunrays:

    Enjoy and evening out while we watch the kids!!! Kids Night Out this Saturday, Sept. 7th from 6 to 10 pm—includes dinner! Only $25, $20 for siblings!


  • Rick Mc 6:04 pm on June 28, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    I can't coach without CHEESE mats 

    Several times this year I’ve had to try. … At various Camps that provided only competitive equipment. :-(

    Using GRAVITY to assist a gymnast learn a new skill is far, far better than spotting.

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

  • Rick Mc 3:03 am on June 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    creating indestructible children 

    In gymnastics there is a saying that “we have no right to put a child up onto any height until we have taught them how to come down and land safely”. This is the first step in creating indestructible children. …

  • Landing on your feet
  • Landing forward on your hands
  • Landing backwards on your hands
  • Landings while twisting
  • By teaching your children how to fall properly now, not only can they PLAY safer this summer, but this lifelong skill may save them from hospital visits later.

    Play GymnasticsSoft landings: Helping keep children safe when falling

    Ruschkin Landings.

  • Rick Mc 8:06 am on May 31, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    Please Don’t Help My Kids 

    Kate Bassford Baker:

    Dear Other Parents At The Park:

    Please do not lift my daughters to the top of the ladder, especially after you’ve just heard me tell them I wasn’t going to do it for them and encourage them to try it themselves.


    Because, as they grow up, the ladders will only get taller, and scarier, and much more difficult to climb. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather help them learn the skills they’ll need to navigate them now, while a misstep means a bumped head or scraped knee that can be healed with a kiss, while the most difficult of hills can be conquered by chanting, “I think I can, I think I can”, and while those 15 whole feet between us still feels, to them, like I’m much too far away.

    read more – Please Don’t Help My Kids

    A number of my friends have been sharing that article on Facebook.

  • Rick Mc 9:09 am on April 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    on discipline timeouts 

    My standard discipline policy for Recreational gymnasts is an escalating series of penalties:

    1) warning
    2) second warning
    3) 2 minute timeout
    4) 5 minute timeout
    5) meet with parent

    … Some psychologists do believe that if you practice good “positive discipline” techniques, by stating facts rather than demands, using distraction to steer kids away from danger, and working out solutions as a family, you shouldn’t need timeouts, or at least not very often. And timeouts can be ineffective, psychologically damaging, and make behavioral problems worse. …

    Yet …

    … plenty of research suggests that timeouts are safe and useful when parents employ them properly and in the right situations. …

    Slate – Are Timeouts Messing Up Your Kids?

    Only if you’re doing them wrong. (And yes, you probably are.)

    An interesting read.


  • Rick Mc 6:00 pm on March 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    adding a Rec pit to your gym 

    Foam pits are a great draw for kids.

    But they are dirty, smelly and problematic.

    Some clubs only rarely allow Rec kids into the competitive pit, for safety reasons.


    Modular Pit Bigger
    Consider adding a Rounders™ Modular Pit System ($4000)

    Filled with our world famous Covered Rounders™, the pit system is made with a 100% foam core that will not break down, delaminate, or soften over time and a 21oz knife coated vinyl with built-in bacterial inhibitor.

    The UCS exclusive vinyl is Phthalate Free and Fire Retardant complying with CA Bulliten-117. As in all UCS gymnastics equipment, the included mats and 4 walls are sewn with 207 high tenacity thread providing years of rugged use. The pit is meant for recreational and pre-school use only. This product is not suitable for competition, training or action sports activities.

    This Pit is Rec only.

    Big kids not allowed. :-)

    Today I jumped into a Rounders pit for the first time
    . And was impressed.

  • Rick Mc 3:01 am on November 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    Active For Life 

    Physical literacy is the key to children’s health and happiness. Active for Life is the place where parents go to help their kids learn basic movement and sport …

    Click PLAY or watch NBA superstar Steve Nash talk about it on YouTube.

    related – Statscan: A third of Canadian children overweight or obese

  • Rick Mc 5:22 pm on October 8, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    daycare preschoolers active 2-3% of the time 

    More than one third of US children are now overweight or obese …

    About 75% of preschoolers in the US spend most of their days in child care centers, and they’re not moving around for 70% to 83% of their hours there; in fact, they’re only active about 2% to 3% of the time.


    Dr. Kristen Copeland, a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and her colleagues have been conducting a series of focus group studies …

    In the current study, published in the journal Pediatrics, the team focused on societal factors that could make it difficult to maintain physical activity programs. After conducting nine focus groups with 49 child care providers in Cincinnati, Ohio, the team found three main societal barriers to exercise —

    … concerns about the children injuring themselves while at play

    … financial constraints that limited some centers’ ability to purchase playground equipment

    … and a growing emphasis on academic learning over unstructured physical play time.


    Parents. Take personal responsibility for the PHYSICAL EDUCATION of your children. Schools and Day Cares are NOT getting the job done.

    Here’s what preschoolers SHOULD be doing.


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