gymnastics road safety theme

Kit Poole is a Rec guru from Scallywaggs Gymnastics in Australia.

From her blog:

… This week was great fun for all. Our theme was road transportation which included cars, buses, motorcycles and trucks.

I made roads for the children to follow simply by visiting my local discount store and purchasing black fabric VERY cheaply. Then cut it into 4m lengths by 1m wide. Finally my husband helped the painting process by making templates of rectangles out of cardboard which we laid on top of the middle of the fabric and painted in white to make the lines on the road. …

I then gave each child a red fireman’s hat, a rubber ring (as the steering wheel) and a fire hose.

We made the fire hoses from garden hose chopped into roughly 30cm lengths and got some blue feathers and glued them onto the ends to make it look like the water. ..

details on Kit’s Kindergym Treasures