Adult Gymnastics: You’re never too old to start

Suddenly Adult Recreational Gymnastics is much in the news.

The most widely seen link is a video by triple Olympian Dominique Dawes:

… If someone would have told me when I was training for my Olympic gold over 15 years ago that adult gymnastics classes would become a fitness trend I would have simply laughed. …

Clearly not everyone feels the same way. Adults continue to sign up for gymnastics classes and they even love it. So I had to find out why they keep coming back for more. So what better place to check this out then the gym I spent many of my years training, Hill’s Gymnastics in Gaithersburg, MD. …

Yahoo – Adult Gymnastics: You’re never too old to start

Click on the link above to see the excellent video feature.

(via Gymnastics)

Dominique is kind of a big deal, these days, a fitness guru for organizations right up to the White House.