DeVeau’s Gymnastics on Gymnaestrada

Gymnaestrada is quite new to the USA. Here’s what one club from Indiana thought of the experience.

DeVeau’s School of Gymnastics was proud to send a performing group to the 2011 World Gymnaestrada in Lausanne, Switzerland. The World Gymnaestrada is the premiere event in the Gymnastics for All discipline and is conducted by the FIG once every four years …

The group from DeVeau’s consisted of eleven performers including one boy’s team coach, one tumbling specialist, one Nationally rated judge, one Level 9 competitive athlete. Rounding out the group were a
former professional cheerleader and family (dad – soccer player, son and daughter – students of DeVeau’s), one six-year old gymnastics student, and a professional magician. One of the main purposes
of bringing this diverse group to the Gymnaestrada was to return with information to share with the gymnastics community.

read more – Perspectives from our club’s Gymnastics Professionals (PDF)