Gymtastics GymTools

Meet Darlene Fedyna, owner of Gymtastics in Calgary, Canada.

She’s just launched Gymtastics GymTools:

From little things, big things grow

Educational Teaching Tools • Gymnastics Program Tools • Specialty Program Tools • Visual Aid Tools • Marketing Tools • Management Tools

There’s more to come. But you will get a good idea of what’s offered by checking out the new website –

Or, like me, you may find it more convenient to watch the video introduction. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Darlene “The Bean” Fedyna, founder of GYMTASTICS Gym Club, has over 30 years of experience coaching pre-school, recreational and competitive gymnastics.

Darlene has used her early childhood education, gymnastics background and her astute business skills to develop and grow GYMTASTICS into one of the premier gymnastics clubs in western Canada.

Darlene is also a pre-school consultant, specializing in children’s emotional and physical development, as well as rhyming things with silly words whenever possible (a big hit with the pre-school crowd.) …