gymnastics INSURANCE

Are you confident that your gym is covered in worst case scenarios?

What would happen if one of your kids has a catastrophic injury in your gym?

What about earthquake? … Flood? … Tornado?

For each region, the requirements of gymnastics insurance are different.

SOMEBODY in your gym needs to be up-to-speed on what’s needed.

A great started on this topic was posted by Coach Howard on Gymnastics Zone:

Gymnastics insurance is a fact of life for any gymnastics club owner. The possibility of a major accident and/or the possibility of lawsuits cannot be ignored. Your first line of defense is an accident/medical and liability insurance package. The following are some considerations in choosing your insurance:

• Cover Everything You Do
• Get the Maximum in Protection
• How Stable is Your Insurance Company?
• Financing Options
• Don’t Pay Too Much
• Cover Your Costs

read more on those headings – Choosing Gymnastics Insurance

be CERTAIN your Adult Rec gymnasts are covered

Here’s a an important point:

• Number of Students

Don’t accept any policy requiring individual student name filing requirements. Although we don’t believe any of the insurers are doing this any more, some companies used to want you to supply the name of every student to be insured. Don’t do this, the paperwork is a nightmare.

This follow-up post is even better – More Info on Gymnastics Liability and Gymnast Insurance

Thanks Howard.

In the USA, Howard suggests we check these 3 companies:

• Sadler Sports
• Snyder Insurance Services
• Markel Gymnastics

Leave a comment if you have any other company to recommend.