who SUPERVISES your gym?

Coach Howard has the best write-up I’ve yet seen on this important topic:

While the ideal solution would be to have at least one staff member who did nothing but general gym supervision, in much the manner that a pool lifeguard functions, most gyms cannot afford or afford to waste a full-time general gym supervisor.

Gym owners and managers will have to make the decision for themselves if they want to pay for a staff member just to do general supervision, but there should always be at least one senior coach who is assigned general supervision responsibility and all coaches and all staff members, including front desk staff, should be taught to scan the gym regularly for unsafe situations. …

So true.

In emergencies, especially, someone needs to be the final authority on when to call the ambulance. What to do in case of the unforeseen plumbing crisis (… that’s happened to me), etc.

WHO is in charge here?

Does your facility have a Gym Supervision Plan?

If not, best email this article to the folks running your club.

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