I love swinging Rings

The very BEST way to introduce beginners to the concept of long hang swing.

Yet many gyms have rules against swinging Rings. That’s sad.

Often the argument is that some sort of damage is done to the apparatus. That’s not the case if any kind of swivel is used up top.

Safety is a concern. You need assure there are good mats over the long arc of the Rings. (Pit Rings are ideal.)

And the activity of swinging Rings even leads to skills. It’s a good way to introduce Dislocate on Rings, for example.

In Swizerland it’s a competitive sport.

At Gymnaestrada there were plenty of Swiss athletes who could dismount double back (or more). I watched the new World Record, within some random Guinness time frame (750 seconds).

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Click PLAY or watch a Bird’s Eye view of the World Record on YouTube.