Gymnastics BC has a dedicated website helping parents find a gymnastics club in British Columbia.

it promotes “physical literacy” for the 93%+ of BC gymnasts (36,000 in total) who do not compete. The benefits are spelled out clearly.

Gymnastics is FUN!! Children of all ages and abilities have fun learning challenging new skills, playing on interesting equipment, doing exciting routines in a group or performing in a demonstration or competition.

Gymnastics is about “how the body moves” and therefore is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as a Foundation Sport for all physical activity and sports. Early participation in gymnastics develops the most fundamental movement skills, physical and motor abilities, mental abilities, social and emotional abilities and performance skills that carry over into all aspects of life.

All children need to be active from their earliest days so that they develop physical literacy, which will enable them to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles and a variety of activities. A few may go on to become the Olympians of the future, but the majority will simply go on to lead active lives. Some will continue to enjoy doing gymnastics and many others will be well equipped to pursue any other sport or activity.

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