Rick Mc loves Tumbl Trak

by site editor Rick McCharles

I’ve always loved Tumbl Trak, the most innovative gymnastics equipment company.

I visited founder / chief evangelist Doug Davis in Washington State. Here’s the write up of that meeting of the minds on Doug’s blog, via email:

Rick McCharles from Calgary, Canada, came to visit Tumbl Trak West during the month of September. I picked him up at SeaTac on his way to the Gymnastics World Championships in Japan. We spent about 3 days together visiting gyms. We visited Twisters’ gym in Port Townsend and later met with Becca Cenovia, Manager and Head Coach.

We also stopped by the Jefferson County Parks and Rec Center so I could introduce Rick to Carrie Lennox, who started, and is now expanding the Rec Kid Fit program. I had visited Carrie earlier to show her my Fun Wheel (aka Double Donut), to talk about applications and ideas for its use.

Rick and I drove to Port Angeles to visit Klahane Gymnastics, since I didn’t have time to bicycle there. On our last day together we visited 3 different programs, including the Early Release program that Twisters runs at Grant Street Elementary in Port Townsend. We went on to NASA Gymnastics in Gig Harbor, then south to Black Hills Gymnastics in Lacey. It might be a new record for Rick; doing this many gym visits in 3 days.

We found that we have a lot in common, including a common interest in fun recreational activities with and without gymnastics skills included. Of course, we also share an interest in competitive gymnastics. I am looking forward to having Rick work with us to be an Ambassador for Tumbl Trak all over Canada, the U.S., and many other parts of the world. Rick left for Worlds in Japan on Wednesday, September 22.