gymnastics in Ireland

I visited 5 clubs in the Republic of Ireland last week, a good will ambassador for TumblTrak. Gymnastics Sports are surprisingly undeveloped there, but progressing RAPIDLY.

First, we dropped in on a pre-competitive training camp for the girls National Irish Super Squad for children under age-10. That was hosted at Excel Gymnastics near Dublin.

It was terrific to visit my friends at Renmore Gymnastics, Ireland. Here’s Recreation Director Samantha Marciano, originally from New York.


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Trojan Gymnastics has long been one of the strongest competitive clubs in the country. I was impressed by how much they could accomplish in a very small space.

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Here’s Janz Gymnastics near Dublin, the newest facility of the clubs I saw. Big and spacious.

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Finally, Sugarloaf Gymnastics.

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Looks bright, clean and spacious too. Right?

That’s because it’s housed in Greystones Community Centre. Kids and coaches set-up and take down all that equipment 3 times / week. That’s dedication.

Thanks to all those clubs and coaches for inviting me in. 🙂