inflatable gymnastics equipment

I visited Lieven Vercruyssen, founder and chief evangelist of Eurogym Belgium and

… supplier of inflatable gymnastics equipment in Europe. …

Our equipment is quickly inflated and deflated and because it is also airtight a constant blower is not needed. It is very compact and takes a small space in the storage room. …

I tagged along with Lieven to Gymclub Apollo in Antwerp where he set up an Air Floor for the coaches and gymnasts to test.

Lieven is expert in setting up and deflating as quickly as possible.

The kids got in on the fun.

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Apollo is a set-up, take-down gym in a school. With limited storage. An Air Floor is ideal in their situation.

Click PLAY or watch different kinds of athletes using Air Floors on YouTube.

Eurotumble is the distributor of TumblTrak in Europe.