BC Adult Gymnastics competitions

The British Columbia Provincial Masters Program …

Competitions are judged and competitors receive fun gifts and special awards for their amazing feats. Adults are eligible to compete in this category if they are over 18 and have not competed in the formal competitive structure in the current year. Different age categories are available, as to not discourage older performers to participate. Rules are loose and lenient, and judging is very casual.

There are presently 14 different events, featuring men’s artistic gymnastics, women’s artistic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics. There are no gender restrictions, so men and women can compete, and are encouraged to partake, in all 14 events. …

Routines must fulfill minimum requirements, which can be found within the Gymnastics BC Adult Code of Points (PDF). Adults are loosely judged out of 10, by non-certified but knowledgeable “judges”.