$17 gymnastics “Fun Stick”

Low cost, yet with plenty of uses.

Fun Sticks are a NEW fun product that have multiple uses. Velcro™ flaps on one end of each Fun Stick allow them to stand up on closed loop carpeted surfaces. Use a set for jumping over, marking stations, obstacle courses, and more!

Fun Sticks are an essential element in creating a Forster Handstand Training System, which helps gymnasts learn to self-correct handstand positioning at all skill levels. The Handstand Training System is a great side station for bars that will keep your gymnasts working and learning new skills while they wait their turn on bars.

All that is needed to create a Forster Handstand Training System are Fun Sticks, a wall with closed loop carpet, and a Floor Bar or Beam. For early learners, have students kick up to a handstand with their legs touching the Fun Stick. Move the Fun Stick down on the wall to wrist height and watch your more advanced gymnast’s impressive handstand work.

Individual Fun Sticks are supplied in random colors. Packages of 6 include one of each color.

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