daycare preschoolers active 2-3% of the time

More than one third of US children are now overweight or obese …

About 75% of preschoolers in the US spend most of their days in child care centers, and they’re not moving around for 70% to 83% of their hours there; in fact, they’re only active about 2% to 3% of the time.


Dr. Kristen Copeland, a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and her colleagues have been conducting a series of focus group studies …

In the current study, published in the journal Pediatrics, the team focused on societal factors that could make it difficult to maintain physical activity programs. After conducting nine focus groups with 49 child care providers in Cincinnati, Ohio, the team found three main societal barriers to exercise —

… concerns about the children injuring themselves while at play

… financial constraints that limited some centers’ ability to purchase playground equipment

… and a growing emphasis on academic learning over unstructured physical play time.


Parents. Take personal responsibility for the PHYSICAL EDUCATION of your children. Schools and Day Cares are NOT getting the job done.

Here’s what preschoolers SHOULD be doing.