what is physical literacy?

The cynic in me is tempted to answer, yet another Kinesiology ‘buzzword’.

But here’s one definition:

forward roll1. Forward somersault

1. Can your child do a basic forward somersault (roll) on the floor?

2. Flat-footed squat

Can your child do a flat-footed squat from a standing position and then stand up again? The flat-footed squat is considered a standard test of physical literacy by researchers and health practitioners. This movement indicates a blend of important qualities: flexibility, coordination and balance, not to mention strength.

3. Swim (comfortable in water)
4. Throw a ball
5. Strike an object

6. Land from jumping

Watch your child as they jump from a low platform, tree branch or park bench and land on their feet. Do they land with their knees aligned squarely above their feet and flex smoothly into a squat? …

7. One-leg balance test
8. Confidence to try sports
9. Describe a movement skill or activity in words

Active for Life9 ways to tell if your child is physically literate

When I was a student of Kinesiology at University of Calgary in the 1980s, we called our department Physical Education.

And I still prefer that term. 🙂