adding a Rec pit to your gym

Foam pits are a great draw for kids.

But they are dirty, smelly and problematic.

Some clubs only rarely allow Rec kids into the competitive pit, for safety reasons.


Modular Pit Bigger
Consider adding a Rounders™ Modular Pit System ($4000)

Filled with our world famous Covered Rounders™, the pit system is made with a 100% foam core that will not break down, delaminate, or soften over time and a 21oz knife coated vinyl with built-in bacterial inhibitor.

The UCS exclusive vinyl is Phthalate Free and Fire Retardant complying with CA Bulliten-117. As in all UCS gymnastics equipment, the included mats and 4 walls are sewn with 207 high tenacity thread providing years of rugged use. The pit is meant for recreational and pre-school use only. This product is not suitable for competition, training or action sports activities.

This Pit is Rec only.

Big kids not allowed. 🙂

Today I jumped into a Rounders pit for the first time
. And was impressed.