adult Gymnastics competition Vancouver

Masters Gymnastics:

Adult gymnast and psychology professor, Mary McNaughton-Cassill reports back from the annual masters meet at Vancouver Phoenix, in Canada. This year it was combined with an age group meet. What fun for kids to see that this is a sport they can do for a lifetime!

… contrary to popular opinion, gymnastics is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age. While most gyms in the United States are populated by hoards of agile children, adult gymnasts are starting to infiltrate their ranks. And these older gymnasts are not necessarily the stars of their childhood gymnastics classes or elite athletes …

Awards are presented up to 10th place, special awards are given for both serious (best form and choreography) and entertaining (most pizazz, most spirited athlete, coach and judge) performances. The competitors who place in the top 3 of their events are also given cans of Canadian beer or mixed drinks along with their medals when they step up on the podium.

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