Gymnastics in South Africa

Michael Makings competed the World Championships last week. In fact, he introduced a new (very cool) Floor Exercise.

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Michael promotes children trying out Gymnastics in a post on Do It Now:

… In addition to the Africa Championships, which will be held on home soil next year, South African gymnasts can look forward to the 2014 Common Wealth Games and Youth Olympics for young and up and coming gymnasts.

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Even though artistic gymnastics is a tough and demanding sport, the benefits are numerous. The movements involved help develop strength and eye and foot, improve speed, grace, control, concentration, and competitive energy, as well as hone social skills. Taking the time to practise gymnastics will enrich a person’s life with valuable lessons, such as relationships, challenges, victories, defeat, and other realities they will face for the rest of their life. …

Boys like anything to do with flipping, twisting or Parkour.

(via Gymnastics Coaching)