Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities (MEGA)

PISE (Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence) is excited to announce the launch of Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities (MEGA), a physical literacy guide for instructors.

… MEGA was developed by PISE Physical Literacy Coordinators, Kelly Graham and Andrea Pask to fill a need for an easy to use physical literacy guide.

kids108 page guide …

In addition there is a games resource that is broken down into the first three stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) –

Active Start (0-6)
Fundamentals (Boys 6-9, Girls 6-8)
Learning to Train (Boys 9-12, Girls 8-11)

PISE launches Large Physical Literacy Guide

Though I dislike the new term “Physical Literacy“, the resource is interesting. And it’s available FREE online β€” Maximum Engagement in Games and Activities as a PDF. πŸ™‚