back somersault in 3 weeks

Nick English, a non-gymnast adult, for some reason decided to learn a “back flip”:

… As I entered the sprawling gymnastics playground that is New York’s Chelsea Piers, I tried to forget that the piers were the Titanic’s intended final destination. …

3 Exercises to Prepare Your Body to Backflip

1. Hanging tuck-up: While keeping the chin tucked ever so slightly downward, bend the knees up toward the head, crunching the core and rotating the body as far backward as possible. Perform the move very fast, as the goal is to improve flipping speed.

2. Box jump: Focusing on height, rather than depth, leap onto as high a platform as possible. Repeat as much as is comfortable.

3. Lying bent-knee leg raise : With the knees bent and the lower torso rising off the ground, lift your legs towards your head. This is like a horizontal version of the hanging tuck-up. Perform the movement with arms stretched above the head, and it will train the body to not swing them too far backward during a flip. …

Did it work?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(Okay, I acknowledge that Jon gave me a teeny tiny spot in this video—we didn’t film the two flips I did on my own. You’ll have to take my word for it.)

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