Building a Rec Boys Gymnastics Program

by site editor Rick McCharles

Many excellent girls Gymnastics clubs underserve boys in their market. Brothers are sitting in the parents seating area – restless – waiting on sisters. That’s a waste.

The best boys Gymnastics clubs have as high a ratio as 1 boy for every 3 girls. That kind of ratio is possible.

Ashwad Springer

First priority for boys coaches is increasing the base. Increasing the numbers of boys trying Gymnastics and other acrobatic sports.

Once in the Gym many will find they like the sport. It’s FUN. Keep it FUN.

have fun

Boys love Games, Contests and Challenges. Most boys love height and flight. Excitement.

rope block tower

Once hooked on the sport, next priority is improvement of Physical (Endurance, Stringy, Power, Flexibility, etc.) and Motor (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Spatial awareness, etc.) fitness.

Skills are lower priority than for girls the same age.

Role models are important for boys. It’s important coaches and the eldest and most advanced boys in the club be leaders.

Clubs who do want to increase the size and quality of the boys Recreation program have two major problems:

  • hiring competent, experienced men’s coaches
  • getting boys into the gym to give it a go

There are far fewer boys coaches available than girls coaches. Some serious effort may be required to recruit and train boys Rec coaches.

In 2016 Parkour / Ninja classes are very popular with boys. Boys parents are very keen to keep their sons doing Parkour safe.

Once in the Gym some of those Ninja boys will get interested in the Artistic competitive apparatus.

I like “bring-a-friend” day, as well. Check the insurance implications of bringing in a friend to your Gym.

rope swing

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