Gymnastics booming in the U.K.

Results summary from the last cycle – 2013-2017

  • Participation within the 11-13 age group has increased from 17,500 to 34,000 participants
  • Bronze / recreational membership has increased by 100,000 participants
  • 160 satellite clubs have been established leading to an increase of 4,000 participants
  • In our Further and Higher Education enrichment programme, implemented in 2013 there has been 9,000 participants taking part in gymnastics activities.
  • 60,000 participants are now engaged level in Level 2 UK school games gymnastics competition
  • 231 gymnastics clubs are now delivering disability gymnastics leading to an increase of 500 disabled participants, our total is now 1500
  • 15,000 people have taken part in gymnastics festivals designed to give more people non-competitive display opportunities
  • Over 200 facility projects have been completed with over £10m invested into gymnastics facilities