handstand on a bar – NO SPOT

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We're always finding new ways to do the same old skills! We all know that our sport is one of extreme repetition. Finding interesting and creative ways to do the skills that we know are important and that kids love doing keeps them excited about learning. Honestly, it keeps US excited about teaching too! I like this walk up handstand for several reasons. First, it develops their upper body and core strength. It's a bit scary for the younger guys. I'm a huge fan of getting kids out of their comfort zone while teaching them to trust the instructor, and more importantly, to trust themselves. Perhaps the best part of this activity is the focus it requires. Giving kids the opportunity to slow down and focus is often part of the challenge as an instructor. Two thumbs up for this one. Try it and let me know what you think. #preschoolgymnastics #gymnastics #ninjakids #activekids #handstand

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