Play-it-Forward Uganda

Play-it-Forward is a non-for-profit organization located in Calgary, Alberta.

We teach unique and specialized sport and active play programs to children in need. …

To date we have helped over 1500 children through our efforts and hope to expand this number moving forward. …

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This is how Darlene “The Bean”, founder of Gymtastics GymTools, gives back for all she’s benefited from Gymnastics.

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Here’s an interesting fund-raiser:

This auction will be helping Play-it-Forward raise funds to support our upcoming February 2018 project in Tekera, Uganda. This rural community is riddled with poverty, which many of us cannot even imagine. …

We will coach how to ‘Play-it-Forward’ as we ensure to inspire, educate and empower the teachers of the school to carry on the mission. Our volunteers will travel from Calgary to Uganda and will bring and supply the school with thousands of dollars of athletic equipment, T-shirts, play booklets and sport kits for each child, nutritious food and teacher education and training.


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