tips for Gymnastics instructors and teachers

  • Establish clear ‘stop and start’ signals and reinforce them so students are attentive during instruction. Once they begin their activities focus on visiting each group and following up with more individual instruction as needed.
  • Utilize more fundamental movement skill (FMS) activities and less ‘sports specific’ games. (Use our lesson plan builder to create easy to use physical literacy lesson plans)
  • Calling the students in to ‘huddle’ in front of the teacher brings them in quickly to provide general instruction for everyone.
  • Focus on the curricular outcomes and provide activities to ensure the students reach them.
  • Modifying the games to be more cooperative than competitive engages the whole class in the activities and keeps all the students moving
  • Playing music during class is a movement motivator and can be used as a start and stop signal as well.
  • Inserting short dance videos mid-afternoon energizes students and supports their learning.

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via Gymnastics BC