best gymnastics lesson plans

One of the best resources most gymnastics coaches have never seen:

• 60 lesson plans
• for age 5-11
• easy to follow
• inexpensive — about $1 a lesson.

Keith Russell, the driving force behind the excellent Canadian gymnastics coaching materials, is the principle author.

The graphics are clean & easy to understand. Gene Schembri, the man who developed many fantastic Australian coaching materials, did the illustrations.

Each of the 60 lesson plans is a 4 page, self-contained pull-out:

• 1 page of warm-up activities
• 1 page of teacher directed learning,
• 1 page of student exploratory learning
• 1 page of repetition and reinforcement material (from previous lessons)

Up Down All Around lesson plans were originally written for the school environment. I am one of many coaches who adapts them for use in gymnastics clubs.

• continuity week-to-week
• variety of games
• comprehensive approach

Parents love them. Coaches have a base plan from which to teach. (Modify as needed, depending on the individuals in your class.)

These lesson plans are professional, taught in Universities, endorsed by school boards. Written by world experts. What more could we ask?

So where can you get more information on these lesson plans? Check the official website: