Keith Russell’s Rec Gymnastics manuals

Keith Russell has been the principle author of the Canadian coach education programme since 1978.

It’s considered one of the best in the world.

In fact, the FIG Foundations course was also authored by Keith.

Here’s how coach education works in Canada.

Everyone takes 4 hours of theory and the 9 hour Gymnastics Foundations course.

Next you can specialize in Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline or Active Start (preschool).

After completing some work at your own gym, you are evaluated and — finally — fully certified.

You can be an instructor with your own group of kids. 

Here’s the 2008 edition cover of the Canadian coaching manual.


Unfortunately that text is not available online. The only way to get it is to take the course.

Similarly, you can’t purchase the FIG Foundations manual online.

Too bad.