Gymnastrada 2011 Lausanne

My first World Gymnaestrada was Berlin, 1975.

Our Team Leader, Hajo Elsholtz, had us bring white cowboy hats knowing they were unavailable anywhere in Germany at the time.

We were HUGE celebrities. One time a police car pulled us over, … only to try to buy one of our hats.

I’m planning to attend World Gymnaestrada Lausanne 2011 in Switzerland, 10th to 16th July.

7 days of events
More than 55 nations
23’000 participants coming from 5 continents
Average age 30
Over 600 hours of demonstrations and shows
More than 1’800 productions
4’000 volunteers a day

Meet the Magic!


World Gymnaestrada 2015 will be held in Helsinki, Finland.