BEST bottle drive strategies

If you’re involved with amateur sport, sooner or later you’ll have to organize a bottle drive.

It took me 50yrs to find the BEST strategy.

1. Pick-up trucks with just 2-3 kids each
2. Drive to the most affluent (alcoholic) neighbourhood possible
3. Cruise slowly until you see an open, cluttered garage

You know somebody is home.

If I’m driving, there’s an additional step …

4. Stop only if the man of the house is close to the garage.

(Wives are prone to tell even the cutest kids that they are “saving the bottles” for someone. Husbands always say, “Take everything. Right now.”)

Saturday morning is by far the best time.

I’ve filled pick-ups in only 6-7 stops!

Do YOU have a strategy? … If so, leave a comment.

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