How to Make Gymnastics Boring

That’s Coach Howard. … he’s just KIDDING.

We know that boredom is one of the main reasons kids quit gymnastics.

… This should be a wakeup call to your gymnastics class coaches as well as gym coaches and owners everywhere. Gymnastics is a naturally fun sport of nearly infinite variety. If your cannot keep your classes interesting, you are definitely not doing your job. …

It is, in one sense, very easy to make gymnasts, and kids in general, happy. If they are learning something new, they are happy. So job one for a coach is to make sure gymnasts learn something every class. …

At every level, there are hundreds of skills you can do. Just putting together two and three skill combinations on beam, floor and trampoline gives you a virtually infinite lesson plan that never has to be the same. And that variety alone makes the class fun. …

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Don’t put TOO MUCH EMPHASIS on REPORT CARDS. That’s the fastest way to bore and frustrate children.

Less than 20% of class time should be used for ‘progress evaluation’.