why young gymnasts QUIT

Seyram Atubra was the primary researcher in this study of mainly recreation gymnasts.

British Gymnastics – England commissioned the Institute of Youth Sport to conduct a study to examine the reasons why young gymnasts leave the sport. …

Over 5000 former gymnasts and their parents were asked to complete a survey and telephone interviews were conducted with 40 former gymnasts and their parents. …

Key findings:
• started gymnastics at an average age of 6.2 years and stopped at an average age of 9.9 years

Most important benefits gained from being a gymnast:
• Improved strength and fitness
• Enjoyment/fun

Most important reason for leaving gymnastics:
• ‘boring/repetitive’
• Left to take up a new sport
• Didn’t like the coaches

bored gymnast

For boys, boredom was the biggest reason.

Here’s the PDF if you want to read the full report. For more information contact name via the Gymnastics England Research page.

Thank Keith Russell and Meike Behrensen for the link.